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NEW: Advanced Neuropathy Treatment

Our Neuropathy treatment has a 97% success rate and can be done conveniently from the SAFETY of your own home. Our new treatment may end your pain in as little as 6 weeks without side effects or potential dependency on medications. The studies show, patients following our program experience:

  • 97% Sensory Improvement

  • 92% Pain Reduction

  • ​90% Balance Improvement


Dr. Lisa Meyers D.C., would like to offer the next 25 people who’ve tried everything else the chance to experience relief with a one-time limited offer for just $49 to find out if you are a candidate for our new protocol:

✔️ Full Health Consultation

✔️ 16 Point Nerve Sensory Exam

✔️ Report of Findings

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Peripheral Neuropathy Is Very Real

More than 20 million Americans suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy, a condition caused by damage to the nerves. Whether you are working, resting, or just spending time with your family, neuropathy pain ultimately diminishes your quality of life.

Our skilled and compassionate team pull from an extensive knowledge-base and experience level to administer ground-breaking treatment designed to eliminate or reduce pain associated with many forms of neuropathy.

Here are some of the symptoms that neuropathy patients may experience:

  • Numbness or burning in Feet or Hands

  • Leg Cramping

  • Pain When You Walk

  • ​Lack of Coordination

  • ​Sharp, Electric-Like Pain

  • ​Extreme Sensitivity to Touch

  • ​Muscle Weakness or Paralysis

  • Difficulty Sleeping Due to Leg or Foot Pain

Our Approach with Proven Results

Our Patients experience substantial decreases in pain, increased balance, and diminished numbness and tingling - Which is all too common with Neuropathy.

Increase Blood Flow

Since damaged blood vessels cannot bring adequate nutrition & oxygen to the nerves, this must be corrected in order for the nerves to heal and function properly.

Stimulate Nerve Fibers

It's crucial that once we get more blood to the nerves, to re-educate the nerve back to normal function. Using a device that's used in large hospital chains across the country for neuropathy, we are able to repair the damaged nerves, and start to make them healthy once again.

Decrease Pain

Our approach also stimulates the damaged nerves to reduce pain and improve balance while decreasing brain-based pain.

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